8 beautiful pieces of ladies luxury loungewear to make your world more comfortable

From sofa to soiree

Loose, casual and comfortable clothing have probably been your outfits of choice for the last few months. Seeing as we’ve all been spending extraordinary amounts of time indoors, comfort has been key. I’ve been the same, however I was working on an idea for my own loungewear range way before lockdown. 

Within this blog I want to share more information and background to the collection, and also more details about each beautiful piece of ladies luxury loungewear. 

I wanted to create a collection that offered the ultimate comfort while being beautiful. I had a vision of a lady lying in a gorgeous dreamy slumber, as the sun goes down, suddenly waking up with a start and realising she’s supposed to be at a party! She jumps up, throws her eye mask to one side, grabs her shoes, bag and scarf and runs. 

This is where the idea of the collection being ‘sofa to soiree’ came from. It means each piece has been designed so it can be worn to lounge in, but it is also beautiful enough to party.

Origins of pyjamas and kimonos

Pyjamas originated during the Ottoman empire and were worn by both men and women. Traditionally they were loose fitting cotton trousers, tied and the waist and worn with a belted jacket. They were brought to Britain in 1870 as loungewear. By 1920, fashion designers such as Chanel transformed pyjamas and women’s fashion - boundaries were blurred as women gained more freedom and pyjamas were used for a variety of occasions. 

Hollywood stars strongly influenced the popularity of silk pyjamas throughout the 1930’s-60’s and they graced many international catwalks of the 1990’s. Presently we still regularly see pyjamas as outerwear on catwalks and high street shops. 

Credit: The Spring 2020 Runway Trend That Doubles as Loungewear - NewsBreak

Defining my luxury uk loungewear collection for women

Last September when @cassandrakingflowersandstyling and @patternmistress and I all met for a cuppa at Cassandra’s kitchen table, to discuss setting up our Pop Up shop (now called Design Hub - no longer a pop up), it felt like a magic triangle had been formed. We not only discussed the shop, we soon moved on to our businesses and Cassandra and Sara came up with the idea of me doing a ladies luxury loungewear range. I knew I wanted to do a fashion collection as my activewear range was really taking off, but I hadn’t worked out a direction. 

These two very creative ladies helped me on my way and gave me the push I needed. @patternmistress has worked in the Fashion industry for years and is a very talented pattern cutter and has been instrumental in bringing the range to life. It’s been a steep learning curve for me, but one I’ve absolutely loved every second of.

The loungewear collection is all produced in the UK. A lot of time was spent ensuring we had the perfect fabrics for each piece, really thinking about how they would be worn and achieving the ultimate comfort, weight and texture. I wanted the versatility to be just right! 

My luxury loungewear collection

Finally I will introduce to you in more detail each part of my ladies luxury loungewear collection:

1. Loungewear Kimono

The Kimono is a gorgeous mid length flowing shape in satin, with a tie belt, that can be worn for a more structured look. It’s beautifully lined in a contrasting green plain satin, giving it a heavier weight so it hangs perfectly on any size or shape.

The Kimono can easily be worn open or closed with a tie belt, depending on your style.

2. Loungewear Sweatshirt Dress

The sweatshirt dress is the newest addition and I hope to be adding to this very soon. It’s made from a super soft french terry, printed in my Dream print. The puff sleeves give it that little extra special style. Great for wearing barefoot around the house or add some footwear and this dress can be transformed for any occasion.

3. Loungewear Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is a tied halter neck and can be adjusted easily for size and shape and made with a gorgeously soft satin and printed with my Grassed design.

4. Loungewear Tulle Skirt

The dreamy tiered Tulle skirts have lovely detailed elastic waistbands, again to add flexibility for different body sizes and shapes. They are all finished with a printed under skirt. You can choose from 3 of my signature prints.

5. Loungewear Cami and Shorts

The cami and shorts are made from a silk cotton satin mix. This gives them a gorgeously soft feel and they are beautiful to sleep in. Being a silk cotton mix allows them to be washable too. Together they are a lovely loungewear set for women.

6. Loungewear Full Length Pyjamas

The Pyjama top and full length bottoms are stunning and so comfortable. They are printed in my suitably named ‘Dream’ design with a lovely coordinating trim in ‘Simply’.

7. Loungewear Kick Split Trousers

The trousers, which are my favourite item at the moment, have a kick split at side, which again makes them ultra comfortable, but also means they are perfect for dressing up a little. Seen here paired with a black crop makes for a super comfy lounging outfit but an equally stylish going out look.

8. Loungewear Bias Cut Skirt

The bias cut skirt is lined for comfort and the shape allows you to feel light and free. Printed in my Scaled 1 print. In this photo you can also see my scarf with black fringing that is the perfect accessory to grab on your way out with this loungewear outfit. 

Loungewear Lifestyle Photoshoot

I hope you love the collection as much as me! Have you also noticed a difference in the photography for this collection? The results are even better than planned and really help tell the story of the idea I created for this loungewear range.

The photoshoot was supposed to be held indoors, with a real luxe vibe about it, but due to the pandemic we had to adapt and change it into a shoot outdoors. I feel now that this was meant to be, as the results are stunning. BIG thanks to @rebeccabrokerphotography and @lilylife1 for bringing the collection to life. The mood the photography has captured is just perfect -  dreamlike, moody, beautiful, with a little ray of sunshine here and there. The location for the shoot was in the UK, but the feel is definitely one of somewhere more exotic.

I want ladies to enjoy this new collection of loungewear outfits and feel beautiful and comfortable whether wearing them lounging at home or out at a party. 

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