Cosy Interior Lighting Ideas for a Wonderfully Lit Home this Winter

Being in lockdown 2.0 has really made me think more about the spaces that we call ours, whether it's just a room or a whole house. We all want a private retreat where we can hide away with a good book or drink and let the rest of the world pass us by.

We need Hygge in our lives more than ever right now, and one way to achieve this is through cosy lighting and interiors. As you probably know, Hygge is a design term of Danish origin, that roughly translates to ‘cosiness’ and a feeling of well-being. We definitely all need to feel that our interiors are giving us love and comfort in these challenging times!

Shorter Days and Darker Evenings Mean More Home Lighting

As the nights draw in, it’s good to think more about lighting as we switch our lights on earlier. Lighting is so important in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within our homes. You might not realise until you see it, how much difference good home lighting can make. It'll see you through the dark and cold winter nights and help create that cosy and warm living space.

Now that the clocks have gone back, I love creating that cosy feel and this is when my table and floor lamps come into their own.

Use a Variety of Lighting Throughout your Home

I used to be a lighting buyer and love this category of homewares. I never stop being amazed at how you can change the feel of a room just by updating the lighting. I love all types of lighting from vintage french chandeliers, to post modern vases converted into bases, to more contemporary drum shades. I love ceiling, floor and table lamps, whichever way it comes and I love mixing up styles.

I think it’s a good idea to have a good mix in your home, to give you options on what kind of mood you want to create. I have table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling shades and in some areas more practical LED lighting.

Table and floor lamps I tend to use to give that cosy feel, ceiling lamps I use to give a little more light, but I still keep it quite soft. LEDs I use as a practical light, say for example if I’m cooking and need to really see what I’m doing and have these in areas where brighter light might be needed.

Choose Different Lampshades to Reflect your Personality and Style

Different lampshades enable you to inject personality into your living space through colour, pattern and texture.

I’ve created lampshades with bold colours or a colour pop on the outside, but then put my prints on the inside of the shades. I love how the print becomes like a little secret as you catch sight of it from time to time. It still has my signature print design on the product but these types of lampshades can be a more versatile interior accessory for the home rather than having a bold pattern design on the outer.

Moods can be created in different ways; not only thinking about the outer of the shade and what this looks like when the light's off, but it’s really important to consider the inner and how the light will react when switched on.

I love playing around with metallics like gold & copper giving a warm glow and silver a brighter glow. For my more recent collection I played around with coloured inners, light and dark. My absolute favourites are the pink and green as they both create fabulous atmospheres.

If you’re looking to inject a bit of personality into a room then you want lampshade that really stands out. I would suggest opting for a lampshade with a striking or bold print design. In my first collection, many of my designs were created for dark and moody rooms, such as my Botanic print lampshade. However, in my second collection I went a little brighter and created bolder patterns using lighter colours. The Scaled print lampshade really emphasises this, showing how you can add personality into the lampshade design.

Both of these lampshade designs are great if you are going for a more modern contemporary feel or maximalist look in your home interiors.

A final way to add depth and texture to a room through the lighting is to use fringed lampshades. I love playing around with fringing to give a shade that extra special touch. I use really good fringing and I'm told it's the same fringing used for a lot of theatre and TV costumes! It definitely adds drama and a lampshade with fringing will be the statement piece in the room.

Fringing can give that extra layer of luxe to your home as it gives a sense of opulence. It can transform the lampshade into a more luxurious accessory and add more character to the room. Most people’s eyes are drawn to these lampshades; I’ve created many with fringing that are still big sellers today.

Mix Up Bases for Table Lamps

I also love changing up bases to give the shade a different look. One of my favourite things to do is go to @sunburyantiques and search out lamp bases; there’s some great finds to be had without spending huge amounts. A lot of the bases have been upcycled such as vases or bottles converted to make unique bases.

When buying converted or older bases, you just need to be aware if they’ve been tested and are electrically sound. If you like the look of a vase or container, you can always get it converted yourself. One of my recent customers converted a large old oil can and went for a gorgeous fringed shade with absolute stunning results.

If You Still Need a Little Help with Your Home Lighting

Over the last 2 years since I started my business, I’ve created many bespoke shades, all different shapes and sizes and finishes. I absolutely love it when a customer sends me a photo of a room they want to enhance and we discuss together what they like and what kind of feel they want to achieve.

During lockdown and the current restrictions, I’ve been holding FaceTime calls with customers, so they can share their set up. This allows the customer to give me a tour of their home and explain what they’re trying to achieve. I have to say this has been working really well and something I’ll definitely continue after the restrictions lift.

If you would like to give your home lighting a lift this winter then please do get in touch and we can work on it together! You can book a consultation on my website here

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