What is Athleisure and What is My Take on it?

What is Athleisure? It’s quite simply the idea that gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes. I think this is so true as you see people everywhere now, wearing their gym clothes out and about. Leggings and sportswear are now seen as fashionable and stylish. 

They are no longer clothes that you just have to wear inside the gym or the four walls of a yoga class.

Not only do gym clothes look great these days, they are so comfy too! Why shouldn’t we wear them in other settings? I think it’s evolved with our whole outlook on how we live our lives too; eating well, exercise and mental wellness are now all talked about in much more open and positive ways and this is reflected in how we dress too. 

My First Pair of Leggings

My activewear range began with a pair of leggings. My first pair I developed to wear on my stand at Top Drawer, with the aim of showing off my prints in a new way. They were in my Botanic print to match my wallpaper on the back wall of the stand. As it happened I decided not to wear them in the end, but I did start wearing them to workout in and found that the fabric was so good. It’s really soft and breathable and great for anything from yoga to running.

When I was working from home, I also started wearing them on the school run, as a lazy option in the morning. They started to gain compliments and other Mums were interested in them and I started selling them in a small way.

With a push from a friend @helenbarrett801, I approached @the.yoga.bar to see if they would be interested in stocking a few pairs. Gemma, the lovely owner kindly agreed and there I had my first stockist! 

Developing My Range of Activewear

From here they have gained in popularity and I’ve added to the range with Sports Bras, Shorts, Vests, T-shirts and Swimwear. I’ve even added childrens’ sizes from 6-14 years, plus mens shorts. It’s all been a very interesting adventure and activewear is now one of the key parts of my business. It’s the part that I can easily test prints out on and get a reaction. I have to say the excitement of seeing a new print on someone has still not worn off and I don’t think it ever will.

My daughters were also my inspiration for developing the children's leggings and swimwear collections, whenever I wore mine they wanted the same. I now have two more walking adverts, so needless to say these leggings have caught attention too.

Why An Active Lifestyle is Important to Me

It’s really important to me to keep fit and in shape, but more importantly I feel exercise helps my mental health immensely. Like many, I do quite often suffer from anxiety, low confidence and self esteem and I’ve learnt exercise is such a tonic for this.

I try to do something everyday, whether it’s yoga @harriet_mg, barre, or my most recent favourite is boxercise with @kasia_fitandfab_pt

I’ve found with running my own business it’s now even more important for me to ensure I find time for exercise. For me it’s a way of switching off and can be meditative at times.

Bringing My Activewear Range to Life

The gorgeous activewear images you see here on the beach are from the amazing outdoor photoshoot that @rebeccabrookerphotography did with the beautiful @oh_missnancy. Due to Covid, like my loungewear shoot, it had to be done outside, only this time it was by the sea. The light is so beautiful and the results are stunning -  @rebeccabrookerphotography has really brought my collection to life.

My Take on Athleisure - From Class to Cafe

My activewear range has definitely been developed to be practical and durable for all kinds of workout sessions. Add my prints and every piece is gorgeous enough to be worn wherever you want. I want women and men to feel confident and wear my activewear in any setting!

I’d love to develop this range further, making it even more versatile.  My loungewear collection is ‘sofa to soiree’ so I’d like my activewear range to be from ‘class to cafe’, which is ultimately my take on ‘Athleisure’. If you want to see more of the collection in detail, you can view it in my beautiful lookbook by clicking this link:


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